Saturday, July 7, 2012

A creative July...

I've been having such a great time creating this month!  Joanne Sharpe's Color Love class has been amazing!  Totally out of my comfort zone, but I've learned so much about products I've had stored away for years and I'm really enjoying this creative time.  Here are a couple of watercolor doodles I created as part of the class...

And, of course, now that Tim is back from his journey to the Land of Oz (Australia), I had to create my version of the July 12 Tags of 2012...

And, the creativity won't stop any time soon (thank goodness)!  There are still a couple weeks left of Joanne's Color Love class AND...a new Online Card Class starts on Monday - Stretch Your Stamps!  Woo Hoo!  Can't wait!  I hope you have a wonderful and creative weekend!


  1. Your watercolor doodles are amazing...I LOVE them and it sounds like you had a great class!!

    I am also looking forward to Monday and starting the new Stretch Your Stamps class.

    Oh and I am signed up to take two of Dyan Reaveley's Workshops at AE on July 22nd. I can't wait and think they will be awesome. Maybe I'll see you and the girls there!! :)

    Hope this works...I see you have the "dreaded" word verification turned on and that gadget seems to get me every time...takes me forever to get the words/letters right!! I hope you might consider turning it OFF and manually approving your comments instead. It really has become quite a pain and hard for many bloggers! Thanks for thinking about it...!!

  2. Yippee! It worked out...and for some reason, I didn't need to type the words, even through they were there when I first started typing?

    WOW...maybe I'm losing it!! DUH Lisa!!

    1. Hi Lisa - I thought I had the verification turned off...I'll check into it. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! Kerry and I are signed up for one of the Dyan Reaveley classes as well...can't wait! See you in class on Monday!! :)

  3. Love your tags. They are so creative. You and Kerry are doing great art from these classes.

  4. OMGosh Tracey, this is totally awesome!!! Your watercolor doodles are amazing!!!! Can't wait until Dyan's class in 2 weeks!!!